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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

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Interra Systems, a global provider of software products and solutions to the digital media industry, has announced that SiTV, a branch of Shanghai Media Group (SMG), one of China's largest media conglomerates, has installed Interra Systems' Baton - an automated, file-based QC solution to enhance the accuracy and speed of its QC operations. SMG chose an enterprise-class version of Baton over other systems on the market based on its comprehensive quality checks, scalable design, and support for a wide range of media formats and codecs. Through these features, the media company can distribute superior-quality television content via traditional broadcast and OTT channels.

"SiTV-SMG has over 20 channels and we also provide several hours of programming to other TV stations, IPTV, cable, and OTT operators,” said Mr Chen, vice president of SiTV, a branch of SMG. “Given the various distribution methods we deal with, efficiency is critical during the QC process as is the capability to perform checks for our current MXF OP1a and MPEG-2 transport stream formats, with future expansion into the OTT environment. We were delighted with the results of the Baton QC system, which is highly flexible, reliable, and even provides QC reports in the Chinese language. Baton is hardware and OS independent, allowing us to quickly scale to accommodate the increasing size of our asset library, ensuring exceptional content quality, at all times, for viewers."

Sanjay Mittal, managing director Asia, Interra Systems, said: "Today, there's a strong demand for automated QC systems, especially in the Asia-Pacific market, where subscriptions for pay-TV services are exploding. To guarantee that each file-based asset meets the appropriate quality requirements, television providers need an efficient and trustworthy solution. Baton has successfully been deployed by hundreds of installations globally. By guaranteeing high-quality content, Baton enables SiTV to focus on other important tasks, like content production and delivery."

SiTV is currently using Baton to perform content quality checks for its cable and satellite TV networks, subscription-based digital pay TV channels, as well as production of films, animation, and documentaries. As a critical part of the central check, Baton instantly detects and corrects content, while also ensuring compliance with broadcast television standards and closed captioning requirements. Using the free add-on media player, SiTV can pinpoint and play the media around the error location, check the severity of the error, and choose whether to ignore, comment, or rate the error. Relying on Baton within each step of the workflow - from ingest to transcoding, playout, and archive - SiTV can ensure that it is always delivering the highest quality content to its customers.

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