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Monday, March 25, 2013

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Next-generation video offers synchronized experiences across screens, including the ability to pause viewing on one screen and “fling” it to another, letting users take the video experience with them on the go.
How content providers can deliver a competitive differentiator through Cisco Videoscape Unity.

Video services have never been more popular or more valuable. According to ABI Research, global revenues for pay TV have grown from approximately $150 billion to $250 billion in the past five years alone. But in this dynamic environment, service providers and media companies also face new challenges.

One growing issue stems from new low-cost competitors as ubiquitous broadband connectivity lowers the barriers to entry for video services. Over-the-top (OTT) online video services are now available and offer new experiences at a low cost to the consumer and on different devices.

Another concern is the rising cost of premium content. The premium content that consumer’s desire has become more expensive as media companies and cable, satellite, and telco operators bid against each other for the most popular content.

These trends make it imperative to extend video services to new, multiple consumer devices. And building a unified premium brand across all screens is now an important competitive differentiator. To continue developing and winning the bidding for the best premium content, providers must also find ways to build unique and compelling experiences around that content to increase subscriber loyalty and find innovative ways to monetize those experiences.

A New Generation of Video Experiences

What does a unique and compelling video experience look like in today’s evolving video marketplace? It is all of the following:

To differentiate an offering, providers need to take multiscreen experiences to the next level: delivering video to all screens in a more exciting, immersive, and engaging way.

Contextual and Synchronized
Next-generation video offers synchronized experiences across screens, including the ability to pause viewing on one screen and “fling” it to another, letting users take the video experience with them on the go. It also involves delivering synchronized content such as alternative camera angles, character biographies, scores and statistics, and more to companion screens. By integrating companion experiences directly with primary-screen viewing, providers can offer a more engaging viewer experience and increase ad inventory.

We already expect a personalized media experience when we use the web. As video choices proliferate, personalized content discovery becomes essential for TV as well. This is true for personal devices, where we already find content through search, but also for the big screen, where we want an easier way to navigate hundreds of channels and thousands of on-demand titles to get to the content we care about. Personalized recommendations can come from social connections, analytics-driven suggestions, and the viewers’ own history: the content they’ve chosen to purchase and store.

The next-generation video experience draws on the power of social networks to bring people together and deepen viewer engagement. It allows consumers to have virtual viewing parties and real-time instant messaging and video chats that augment the linear video experience. It also includes new social experiences and new ways to connect with other viewers around content with companion screen applications.

Cisco Videoscape Unity: Your Way
Today, there are a couple of ways that providers can deploy Cisco Videoscape Unity to add new video experience capabilities to their platform:

Preintegrated, end-to-end offers
Suites as best-of-category solutions integrated into existing video infrastructure

A Cisco Videoscape Unity offer is a customized, end-to-end solution designed to address specific business challenges. It gives providers the benefit of a reduced time to market while retaining the option to customize according to specific client requirements.

Each offer includes a combination of first-class suites and products across the enhanced cloud, intelligent network, and immersive client. With integration services added in, they are packaged and delivered as a single solution to bring new experiences and/or infrastructure efficiencies to the provider’s platform.

Alternatively, providers can deploy individual suites, given that Cisco Videoscape Unity components are integrated using open interfaces. This is an ideal option for operators looking to deploy individual suites into existing solutions or custom build their own solution.

Why Cisco?
Cisco Videoscape Unity brings together the best of two powerful companies. From Cisco comes the expertise in building robust carrier-class cloud products. From NDS comes the flair for designing award-winning user experiences that implement each provider’s unique brand and vision and then engineering this vision into a coherent and deployable multiscreen product.

What makes Cisco and Cisco Videoscape Unity unique is the ability to rapidly deliver powerful, scalable cloud-based services combined with the ability to engineer and deploy provider specific experiences at scale. Others might aspire to offer one or the other of these capabilities, but only Cisco offers both.

Cisco is ready to be your partner in this journey


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